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White Fillings Versus Gold or Silver Dental Fillings- Which One To Choose?
Traditional dental procedures used precious metals like gold and silver to mold into tooth fillings. Gold fillings, also known as inserts or Onlays, were composed of gold and other metallic alloys to provide strength, but they were more expensive than silver fillings. Because silver fillings, also known as amalgam, are less costly and more enduring, they were the preferred alternative.
The issue with silver fillings is that they continue to darken or give the surrounding teeth a gray tinge.
White fillings became the preferred option for dental fillings as orthodontic clinics increased their oral care and aesthetic services.

Say No to Metallic Dental Fillings

For decades, every dentist used silver-mercury amalgam (metal) fillings to heal cavities. Today, at Lake Oswego Smiles, we realize that tooth-colored composite fillings are better solutions for repairing cavities.

Why You Should Choose White Fillings

White fillings have several advantages over traditional silver fillings:
why choose white fillings
Preventing Cavities

Preventing Cavities for Better Tooth Health

A cavity affects over 95% of people at some point in their lives. Anybody can get cavities in their teeth, including those who go to the dentist regularly. Our talented team at Lake Oswego Smiles believes that cavity prevention, early cavity identification, and noninvasive fillings are all great ways to avoid and eliminate cavities in your teeth.
We eliminate plaque and tartar that lead to tooth decay and gum disease during every checkup and cleaning, teach you how to brush and floss properly at home, and thoroughly examine your teeth for symptoms of decay. Cavities are easier to treat and cause less damage to the rest of your good tooth structure when found early.
Tooth decay can lead to:

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Many of the patients who come to Lake Oswego Smiles have tooth decay and dental health concerns. During your first visit with us, you’ll get a complete collection of x-rays, a comprehensive exam, a cleaning, and a one-on-one consultation session with your dentist.
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