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Let's Bring That Smile Back On Your Face

Life Will Always Have A Tumble Or Two… But It Shouldn’t Stop You from Smiling
Lake Oswego Smiles knows that every smile is unique yet equally beautiful. Almost no one gets through life without a hole, a broken tooth, or some other minor dental hiccup – or even a tooth loss!
No matter what life puts your teeth through, Lake Oswego Smiles promises to repair and restore your beautiful teeth to their original state using high-tech, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing custom dental restorations.

Someday, All Dental Procedures Will Be Done the Lake Oswego Smiles Way

Our method at Lake Oswego Smiles in Oregon is straightforward:
Same-Day Crowns
There will be no temporary crown. There are no half-baked impressions of your teeth. There will be no need for a follow-up visit for final modifications and fitting.
Just one visit to Lake Oswego Smiles guarantees you a beautiful, long-lasting crown.
Same-Day Crowns
Additional Rehabilitative Services

Additional Rehabilitative Services

Lake Oswego Smiles also offers the following dental rehabilitative services:



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