veneers in Lake Oswego
New patients are welcome to join the Lake Oswego Smiles Family.
Best Smile of your Life

One-Of-A-Kind Team for the Best Smile of your Life

New patients are always welcomed at our clinic. We are proud of the experience we deliver to every patient. We enjoy it when new patients remark they’ve never been enthused about visiting the dentist before; it gives us a chance to show them what we’re all about. We are committed to providing you with a kind, gentle, high-tech, and pleasant treatment.

Your Initial Visit

Our new patient consultations are typically 60 minutes long and include a complete examination, cleaning, and x-rays.
In your visit:

Our Mission

Our clinic in Lake Oswego Smiles is working to achieve a common goal of uncompromising dental quality.

We Guarantee To Always Prioritize YOU!

At Lake Oswego Smiles, we:
uncompromising dental quality
New Patients

What Makes Lake Oswego Smiles Different Than The Rest?

Simply put, there isn’t another dental facility that is as professional and works with as much finesse as us.

The Lake Oswego Smiles Experience

Don’t worry if it’s been a while since you’ve seen a dentist. We’re only here to assist, not to pass judgment.
No Needless Waiting Times
Office meetings and soccer practice for the kids? It’s no trouble at all. Every appointment begins on schedule.
Sophisticated and Advanced Care
We love our tech; because it works! And we want to show you those incredible results. So, book your appointment and see how high-tech cosmetic dentistry can change your smile.



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