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Our Technical Expertise Will Reflect In Your Smile

Lake Oswego Smiles: High-Tech Dentistry Done Right
Lake Oswego Smile has specialized in some of the latest dental technologies available. Our team is dedicated to pursuing technologies that will make your trips to our clinic more enjoyable and effective, leading to better results and brighter smiles for everybody.
At Lake Oswego Smiles, we look for cutting-edge, scientifically verified equipment that will benefit you. We enjoy explaining science (and we’ll talk your ear off if you want), but we’re even more enthusiastic in showing you practically just how cool our tech can make your teeth game.
Are you interested in the tech side of dentistry? Then just ask us about our latest high-tech dental equipment the next time you visit Lake Oswego Smiles in Lake Oswego!

Say Hello to the Future of Dental Care

Every visit to Lake Oswego Smiles’s high-tech dental clinic is tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that you get the maximum value for your money.
During your stay, you may be able to take advantage of technological advantages such as:
3D X-rays
A 3D X-ray of your mouth allows for a good view of what’s going on inside your mouth. We’ve discovered that kids enjoy these and feel more at ease when seeing the dentist.
3D Scanners
A digital blueprint is created using precise 3D photographs. These photos are used by high-tech technology to provide digital impressions for a perfect crown or bridge in less than a few minutes. Eliminating human error during this process leading to a more convenient experience for you.
Fluoride isn’t new, but it still has many benefits. It’s one of the most effective strategies to prevent tooth decay and cavities, especially in young children whose teeth are still growing. It’s also fantastic for adults.
Sealants are like a force field surrounding your teeth but aren’t apparent. The enamel of your teeth, such as the deep crevices in your molars, is painted with an ultra-thin synthetic substance. This prevents bacterial accumulation, dental decay, and even tooth staining. Anyone with a proclivity for cavities or who wants to feel more assured about their oral health should consider sealants.

Your Initial Visit

Your first appointment will take about 30-90 minutes and include an exam and cleaning. This will give our team ample opportunity to get to know you, take your dental history, and answer any questions you may have.
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