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Family Dentistry Philosophy

Our Family Dentistry Philosophy

At Lake Oswego Smiles in Lake Oswego, we understand that when it comes to taking care of your daily tasks, even 24 hours seem too little. There just isn’t enough time for everything between cooking breakfast, packing lunches, and preparing dinner. With school plays and soccer practices, and dance lessons lined up one after the other, life with a family is fast-paced.
But there are no complaints. After all, family is what brings color to life.
So, how can you accommodate dentist appointments for your family into your already hectic schedule? While you take care of your family, let us take care of your family’s teeth.
Our dentists at Lake Oswego Smiles treat patients of all ages. We’re here for everyone, from infants who are just beginning to show their first tooth to individuals who are 90 years old (or more!).
We also make scheduling simple. Make appointments for everyone in your family at the same time. Get in, get out, and get your lives back on track.

Dental Care for Your Family

Lake Oswego Smiles is a full-service dental practice that offers general, restorative, and cosmetic services. However, as a dedicated provider of family dentistry services, we understand the need to tailor our approach to each patient’s specific needs.

When It Comes To Children…

Nothing instills healthy dental health habits in a child than visiting a dentist they can trust. Lake Oswego Smiles’s qualified team takes great pride in making younger children feel powerful and welcomed. We show kids how to brush and floss properly, provide cavity-prevention fluoride sessions, and are always kind.
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When It Comes To Teenagers…

With great power comes great responsibility. Young people must take accountability for their oral treatment as they bloom into young adults and gain a feeling of independence.
Our hygienists and dentists treat them with respect and understanding during what is typically a stressful and challenging period for teens and young adults. We carefully extract wisdom teeth, provide cavity prevention advice, and assist them in preparing for a lifetime of positive and successful smiles.

When It Comes To Busy Adults Always On The Move…

It’s all too easy to neglect your dental health due to the demands of busy family life. Most parents came into our offices unable to recall when they last had a dental health checkup! But that’s okay. At Lake Oswego Smiles, we are here to care for you.
We can cure your smile and provide aesthetic services such as teeth whitening so you can flaunt a smile you’re proud of. You’ll never want to miss another dentist appointment.
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Smile Your Toothiest Smile!

Strong teeth and gums are essential for your general health as well as your ability to eat, speak, and smile confidently. Lake Oswego Smiles can help you prevent dental decay, treat lost or broken teeth, and treat dental problems without invasive surgery.
If you’ve never visited a high-tech dentist practice like ours, make an appointment now to see just what your life has been missing!



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