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Save Your Smile And Make A Better Life For Yourself

Almost half of all adults will lose one or more permanent teeth at some point during their lives.
Unfortunately, losing a tooth can have far-reaching consequences:
Lake Oswego Smiles provides high-tech, sophisticated dental implants that are robust, secure, lasting, natural-looking, and practical. Implants allow you to eat, speak, grin, and live confidently again.

Lake Oswego Has Made Dental implants Simple

It’s just that simple!
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Synthetic replacement teeth

Taking Care of Your Dental Implants

Synthetic replacement teeth affixed to dental implants look and function similarly to natural teeth because they are put in the jawbone. Implants, like tooth structure, require brushing and flossing to keep them clean. Your dentist will advise you on how to clean your implants properly.
Regular dental examinations are necessary to ensure that your bite is correct and that your implants are not unfastened.

Forget About Those Pesky Removable Dentures

An arch of permanent prosthetic teeth can be supported by a whole mouth dental implant. This means you won’t need to wear a detachable appliance like a huge acrylic denture anymore.
You can have more flexibility when it comes to talking, eating, and smiling by completely securing the artificial teeth in place.
It won’t sway out of place or be overly loose. The teeth are connected to the dental implants immediately. There are no sore places since they are not in contact with the gums. There will be no rocking, no uncomfortable spots, and no need to remove the denture at night.
A whole mouth implant procedure is an excellent option if you’ve had trouble finding a denture that fits snugly.
permanent prosthetic teeth
Nonjudgmental Workplace

Your First Visit

A solid foundation of bone and gums is required for successful tooth implantation treatments. We’ll evaluate your health and work with you to develop a strategy to address any gum disease or other difficulties before beginning implant treatment.
A Nonjudgmental Workplace
At Lake Oswego Smiles, we love helping you look your best. We recognize that coming to visit us to replace your lost teeth is a big step, and we applaud you for taking it.
Scheduled Appointments
We take pleasure in taking our appointments on time, every time. Your time is precious!
Service With a Smile
We go above and beyond to make your visit to our office a memorable one. Check it out for yourself!



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