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Dental Bridges

Fill up gaps and replace missing teeth with custom-made dental restorations that are securely placed in your mouth.
alternative to tooth replacement choices

How Dental Bridges Can Help Restore Your Lovely Smile

Teeth loss is fairly common. Whether due to a sports injury, car accident, or decay/disease, a lost tooth makes it difficult to eat, speak, smile, and live confidently. Many of our patients are concerned about the possibility of requiring a dental implant or dentures.
On the other hand, Bridges can be an excellent alternative to these tooth replacement choices. Visit Lake Oswego Smiles to discover more about the advantages of dental bridges. They’re very good at closing a noticeable gap in your smile!

Is A Dental Bridge The Best Option For You?

Unlike an implant, which is implanted into the jaw bone, a dental bridge is attached to the adjoining teeth. If you have healthy and robust teeth on either side of the missing tooth, a bridge is a great alternative to have. If the gap left by the missing tooth is obvious when you smile, a bridge can be placed to fill in the gap.
At Lake Oswego Smiles, we aim to provide options and assist you in making the best selection for your smile. If you fear that you might lose a tooth, we’ll go through all of your choices, including bridges and dental implants, with you to see which option suits you the best.
Our dental bridge procedure is straightforward.
quality dental bridges
finest tooth-replacement
If you’re missing a tooth, we’ll start by assessing your smile and assisting you in selecting the finest tooth-replacement solution for you.
The expert team at Lake Oswego Smiles will also go through keeping your bridge in good shape, so you don’t get gum disease or decay.
A dental bridge requires two appointments: one to start the process and another to take the imprint. The bridge will then be made, and you will return to our clinic for a follow-up visit to place the bridge.



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